• Audi quattro® - "The Beast"

    Audi quattro® - "The Beast"


    Jan 13 2012

    Some say it's a myth, a childhood fantasy, or just another campfire tale. But for those who've witnessed the superior performance of Audi quattro®, seeing is believing.

  • Audi quattro® - "Bad Customer"

    Audi quattro® - "Bad Customer"


    Jan 13 2012

    Whenever the roads get real nasty, that's where you'll find Audi quattro®... laughing.

  • Audi quattro® - "Trophies"

    Audi quattro® - "Trophies"


    Jan 12 2012

    The legend of quattro® continues as a modern day Ahab battles snowdrifts and white-outs in pursuit of a white whale of an entirely different nature. If he can't catch it,...

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