• wwekelijksNL in de sneeuw tips

    wwekelijksNL in de sneeuw tips


    Feb 29 2012

    ik maak een video hoe je je kan vermaken met sneeuw

  • World's Fastest Pizza Cutter

    World's Fastest Pizza Cutter


    Jan 5 2012

    This guy is like the Edward Scissorhands of Pizza Cutting. Send in your videos to get $ and be featured: http://Break.com/WeBuyVideosFor the funniest videos breaking online,...

  • I Suck At Silent Hill: EP4

    I Suck At Silent Hill: EP4


    Apr 13 2011

    Welcome back to Silent Hill. This episode is much much longer due to me getting lost inside the school. Like always, if you have any tips for what the fuck I'm suppose to...

  • I Suck At Silent Hill: EP3

    I Suck At Silent Hill: EP3


    Apr 11 2011

    Welcome back to Silent Hill. I have a feeling this LP may last a while, it seems like the game is long, ontop of that I don't really seem to be accomplishing much in each...

  • I Suck At Silent Hill: EP2

    I Suck At Silent Hill: EP2


    Apr 9 2011

    Alright guys, first let me say, sorry for the long boring episode. This game doesn't really have much of a guide along with it so I don't know much of what I'm...

  • I Suck At Silent Hill: EP1

    I Suck At Silent Hill: EP1


    Apr 6 2011

    Welcome to Silent Hill folks. The audio is a bit messed up in this one but I'll be correcting it for EP2+. This is something to hold you guys over while I try to get me and...

  • Update 1-14-2011

    Update 1-14-2011


    Feb 13 2011

    Happy Valentines.Updated video for you guys. There's a small black video error in the middle of the video, that's just me being lazy, not wanting to re-render. I just...

  • [Black OPs] Leftover Quadfeed

    [Black OPs] Leftover Quadfeed


    Nov 14 2010

    Testing the Black Ops theater uploading.Enjoy the free quadfeed that won't be in da montage.

  • TF2 Gameplay 001

    TF2 Gameplay 001


    Oct 27 2010

    First TF2 gameplay, nothing particularly special, kinda boring, to me anyway. Playing on a WC3 mod server, apperently, I just play because it's low ping :/Let me know if...

  • Let's Play - Minecraft EP11 [Chitchat]

    Let's Play - Minecraft EP11 [Chitchat]


    Oct 23 2010

    Alright, this episode is a little different, just me chatting a bit to you guys.To clarify some of what I said in the video, I'm not begging in any way. I'm mearly...

  • Lets Play - Minecraft EP10

    Lets Play - Minecraft EP10


    Oct 20 2010

    End of session 3. Sorry again for the inconsistency, I'm working on alot though.

  • Lets Play - Minecraft EP9

    Lets Play - Minecraft EP9


    Oct 16 2010

    No description available.

  • Lets Play - Minecraft EP8

    Lets Play - Minecraft EP8


    Oct 12 2010

    No description available.

  • Lets Play - Minecraft EP7

    Lets Play - Minecraft EP7


    Oct 9 2010

    There is about 3 minutes missing in this video due to a mysterious fraps implosion of death. Sorry guys.Edit: I had this on private for a few hours :X

  • Lets Play - Minecraft EP6

    Lets Play - Minecraft EP6


    Oct 7 2010

    No description available.

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